Company Admin

The Company Admin is a critical component to successfully managing an MLM and Direct Selling business. MLM Protec Admin has everything you need to launch, manage and grow your business.

Product Management

Whether you have 1 or 100 products, upload your product line using our product management feature. Add the SKU, pricing, volume, images, and description. When you’re ready to go live, click publish and your products are launched!

Email Campaigns & Broadcasting

Use professionally designed email templates with our easy-to-use drag and drop email builder for your system emails and broadcasts. Build your emails, select the user types, and schedule your broadcast.


This feature allows you to add different employees from various departments such as customer service, compliance, sales, and marketing. Add your administrators and set custom permission levels.

Inventory Management

Log all of your inventory from your warehouse and our system will automatically track your inventory levels across all SKUs.

Merchant Accounts

Because MLM is considered high-risk, multiple merchant accounts is key to ensuring your success. Not only can we help you acquire merchant accounts, we have a feature allowing you to manage all of them in your company admin. View your daily sales, approvals, and declines for each merchant. Unlike any other system in the industry, you can set how much volume you want to run on each merchant.

Distribution Centers

Manage all of your 3PL logistics in one place. Add distribution centers, assign their countries, and your system will be set up for global distribution.

News, Events, Videos

Everyone is looking for tools to build their MLM business. Upload your news, events, and videos through the company admin and your members will have access in their user back ofice.

Business Insights

Gain access to important reports such as commission payouts, country revenue, sales reports, and rank reports. If you need a custom report, our development team can assist you.

Website Builder

Launch your corporate website with our drag and drop website builder. Choose from professional themes and make edits in real time. If you have your own design already, our development team can get your site up and running within 14 days.

Compensation Plan Builder

Unlike other MLM software, we allow you to build your compensation plan through the admin. Choose from a binary, unilevel, hybrid, or matrix compensation plan.